Coin Pump Catcher 1.0b for Bittrex (eng)

Starting from Coin Pump Catcher 1.0 b version for Bittrex begins the development of available software for cryptocurrency pumping registration in Bittrex exchange.

In the first version of the Coin Pump Catcher 1.0 b for Bittrex only implemented the registration algorithm for start of pumping situations on the stock exchange. Adding functionality to “Buy”, “Sell” and “Sell with a specified percentage of profit” will be implemented in the next updates of the program.

On the main screen of Coin Pump Catcher 1.0 b for Bittrex is a table with the symbols of all currency Bitcoin pairs. By the time of 1.0 b version release there were 197 pairs. Each pair has a checkbox (mark) which allows to exclude the specific pair from monitoring.

The criteria by which the program signals about a sharp rise in the prices of specific currency pairs are specified in the table in the upper left corner of the form. The algorithm is borrowed from the Coin Pump Catcher 1.0 for Poloniex and works similarly to it. Choosing in five time intervals you can specify the boundary growth rates of currency in %. When exceeding the boundary of the growth, alarm occurs. The name of the zoomed currency pair in the table is highlighted in green. The buzzer sounds in the log at the bottom of the form appears, commenting on the events. All the currency pairs names in the table are clickable. When you click on the name of the currency pair opens a separate browser tab with the trading page pairs on Bittrex.

Additionally, it was added an important feature to filter events on trading volume. The field “Trading volume of at least, ВТС» in the top of the form. The filter is very simple and at the same time effective. I.E. all events with a trading volume lower than specified in the field won’t be zoomed.

When working on a program for the Bittrex exchange we have made an interesting observation. The information reflected in the graphs of price change of any currency on Bittrex often lags behind in time from actual developments. This bug of Bittrex is a “plus” to any software and the trader using specialized software.


Work on Coin Pump Catcher for Bittrex is only at the very beginning. Watch for updates!

Have a successful bidding! And fatty pumps!


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    Expect a free version before buying

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      3.5 dollars for the right to use the full version of the program for three days it’s almost free

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